Small Project #1 – Refrigerators

Jul 18 2014

Since your refrigerator is one of the most vital kitchen appliances, it would be wise to consider all the available options before you buy a new one. Refrigerators can be found in many different styles, designs and types. This suggests that you can find a refrigerator to fit any kitchen and any décor you like. One should be careful when considering all their advantages and disadvantages as well as their looks, capacity and installation. In a first few years, you do not want to experience any refrigerator failure (btw. there are many great sources online, offering free refrigerator repair help. OK, but lets first try to find the best solution for your needs) Here, we will try to explain some of the basic refrigerator types.
Top Freezer Refrigerators
They are the most popular type of refrigerators and they are the cheapest type. They generally come with a freezer on top and a refrigerator at the bottom and offer large storage space. Nevertheless, you could have problems with this refrigerator. It requires a wide space for the door to open and shorter people might have trouble to reach the items at the back of the freezer.
Bottom Freezer Fridges
The freezer can be made to open like doors or drawers. These models offer the fresh food section at a more suitable level and you don’t need to bend to get your food. However, these models are a bit more expensive than top freezers, though not that much. Additionally, they have less storage space in the refrigerator area, and access to the freezer is perhaps not as convenient as with the top freezers.
Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Side-by-sides offer the refrigerator and the freezer parallel to each other. Their doors open from the middle, like you open your cabinet. The refrigerator is usually a bit wider than the freezer, but you still have a lot of freezer space. You can easily access the food in both compartments. Their disadvantage is that the offer limited storage space for larger items and less storage space for fresh food items. They are also a little more expensive than your traditional refrigerators.
French Door Fridges
French doors are a mixture of side-by-sides and bottom freezers. They are a little expensive, but offer you the best of those two models. Wide shelves provide you with large storage space. Some french doors offer three doors, and some four doors. The majority of them also offer water and ice dispensers with flexible cooling spaces to give you the best possible performance.
Counter Depth Refrigerators
Counter depths are shallower than traditional refrigerators, but they can easily blend in with cabinets to give your kitchen that flawless look. They will take up less space in your kitchen, but they will also offer less storage space for your food.
Compact Fridges
Compact refrigerator is mini version of the conventional refrigerator and is ideal for small spaces like offices and dorms. It usually doesn’t offer much freezing space.
Freezerless Refrigerators
They don’t have freezer compartments and are entirely used for cooling fresh foods.
Refrigerator Drawers
They can be installes under your countertops and can often be found in expensive kitchens. They can’t keep frozen foods.
Wine and Drinks Coolers
They are made to keep your drinks cold. There are smaller, simpler models, but there are also full-size refrigerators that can keep hundreds of drinks or bottles.
Although the search for a new refrigerator may seem challenging, you can find anything you want if you are persistent in your search. Don’t give up and you will surely find the one you are looking for.

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